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Intelligent technology smart home security door lock

This Intelligent Technology Smart Security Door lock is classic designed with a panel board. The whole lock is compact and streamlined. 

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Description  of this Intelligent Technology Smart Home Security Door lock

This Intelligent Technology Smart Security Door lock is classic designed with a panel board. Best mortise lock brand,The whole lock is compact and streamlined. Cool black color of the lock appearance perfectly fits the fashion trends. The appearance of this lock looks strong and qualified. The capacitive fingerprint sensor is quick and exact less than one second. The working led light flashes to indicate working status. Most main parts of the lock like the round shape capacitive fingerprint sensor, the chip, the keypad, the chip and the batteries are all included in the lock. Intelligent technology security door lock,technology home security door lock,This lock combines the unlocking technology of fingerprint, PIN code, card, remote control, app and physical key. Not all unlocking modular is necessary. Modular of App unlock, remote control, card unlock, access record and locking notification can be optional as per actual need. There is a violence unlocking alarm. In case any human violent destroy or unlocking operation on the lock, it will automatically sent out the violence unlocking alarm to remind you any abnormal operations. This lock fits inside wooded door and it is available for a variety of applications for homes, business offices, apartments, rental housings, inside rooms, bedrooms etc. It has a locking notification function which is also optional as per customers’ needs.

The Intelligent Technology Smart Home Security Door lock supports two voice languages as Chinese and English language. Languages are Easy to be switched on the keypad operation. smart technology security door lock,PIN code users and fingerprint users can be both set and programed on the digital keypad by the administrator. For password users, this lock also provides virtual codes function which is also optional. Some users have raised the question: the secret of the password lock is fixed. If you open the door, there are thieves hiding in the corner to peek, several times, secretly remembering my password lock? The order of the passwords, then, the next time I am absent, he can easily burglary.  Virtual codes completely solve the hidden dangers of voyeuristic passwords.  That means adding any number of digits before and after the correct password. As long as there is a continuous correct password in the middle, you can open the door, which can effectively prevent password leakage. Compared with fixed passwords, virtual passwords have higher security levels and are more difficult to be snooped. For security reasons, the door lock with the virtual bit password technology is the first choice for purchase. In normal use, it is also recommended to use fingerprints, mobile phone remote control, etc. to unlock, use less or no password to unlock, mechanical key to unlock.


Parameter  of this Intelligent Technology Smart Home Security Door lock

Model No.



Zinc Alloy

Working voltage

DC 3.5V-4.2V

Working Temperature

-25 ℃to +60℃

Working Humidity

20 to 90% Relative Humidity

Matching Speed

Less than one second

Access Mode

Fingerprint , PIN code, card, app, remote control, key

Virtual Passcode

32 bits

Access Records


Chinese-English Support

Support for switching

Thickness of applicable door

30-65 mm

Physical keys



Image  of this Intelligent Technology Smart Home Security Door lock


Our Factory  of this Intelligent Technology Smart Home Security Door lock

Founded in 1999, Polymath Technology has become a leading smart lock designer and manufacturer in China after 20 years development. We produce and sell various types of fingerprint locks and PIN code locks that fit different mortises in different countries. The product line also includes different types of wireless door bells and cameras that works with our smart locks. Through this way we are building a smart home system to make homes smarter and safer. Most of our products are sold abroad, mostly to North America and Europe. We also provide OEM & ODM services.

In addition, we provide different models of biometric access control system for the banks in China as well. In the past 10 years, Polymath has been the exclusive fingerprint access control system provider for the ICBC (Industrial and Commercial Bank of China) that is the biggest bank in the world. 

Our Service  of this Intelligent Technology Smart Home Security Door lock

  1. 20 years R&D experiences of biometric technology
  2. 16 years experiences of smart lock manufacturing and exporting
  3. OEM & ODM accepted: including housing design, software design, splash logo, housing logo, color box, and user manual etc.
  4. One year warranty. For any problem, please get back to us asap.
  5. Prompt reply and best after-sales services.

FAQ  of this Intelligent Technology Smart Home Security Door lock

  1. Are you a manufacturer or a trading company?

       We are a manufacturer.

  1. What’s the price?

       It depends. Pls email us for detailed quotation.

  1. Do you accept OEM or ODM items?

       Yes, of course.

  1. What’s the MOQ?


  1. What’s the delivery time of order?

       Depends on quantity.  Normally 35~55 days or so.

  1. What’s the payment terms do you accept?

       T/T, L/C .Big order can be negotiated.

  1. How can Iship my cargo?

       International courier, air shipping and sea shipping are all available.

Certification of this Intelligent Technology Smart Home Security Door lock

Looking forward to your inquiry for this Intelligent Technology Smart Home Security Door lock.



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